30 Rock's Katrina Bowden on Ultra Music Festival Fashion and Spring Break in Miami

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Katrina Bowden is one of those girls who make other women feel like they lost big in the genetic lottery. Her turn as the clueless, sexy Cerie on arguably the world's most underrated sitcom, 30 Rock, left men drooling and women green with envy.

Since 30 Rock ended, Katrina has been busy planning her wedding and touring with Gillette to promote their Kiss & Tell clean-shave campaign. Last weekend, the team was set up at Bayside Marketplace, and Cultist chatted with her on relationships, spring break madness, and her favorite restaurant.

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Cultist: What are you and Gillette doing in Miami?
Katrina Bowden: I am here in Miami to help Gillette kick off its Spring Break tour of spring break destinations. Basically they did a live experiment called Kiss & Tell, and they traveled the country trying to see if women preferred if men were clean-shaven or scruffy, and they found that 85 percent of women prefer men who are clean-shaven. Two out of three said men would have better luck with them if they're clean-shaven. I totally agree. I always prefer to kiss my fiancé when he has a very smooth face. It looks nice, it looks clean, and it feels better.

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What do you miss most about 30 Rock?
It's just been like a second family to me. It's been seven years being around everybody all the time. When I started on the show, I was 17 and learned everything about comedy from all these people. It was a great way for me to jump into the whole show-business industry. I was so young I feel like I had no idea what I was doing. I've always been shy, and I was so lucky to be a part of the show, and I just learned just so much.

When are you getting married?
We haven't set an exact date yet. We're hoping for this summer, so we're planning right now. We're trying to get all our ducks in a row. I'm doing all the planning and he's helping. We don't have a planner, so it's just a lot to do.

What's your wildest spring break story?
I never went on spring break. I started working on 30 Rock when I was 17, so I never really had the chance to experience that. This is only my second time at something involving spring break. It's pretty wild. Ultra Music Festival is going on here, and we just saw a girl walk by with pasties on. That's all she was wearing, with shorts, so that's probably been my wildest spring break moment so far.

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