Seven Adorable Animals Getting Totally Wasted, in Honor of Brew at the Zoo

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You should never give alcohol to an animal. While most of us humans have figured out how not to kill ourselves by overindulging in the pleasures of booze, animals don't know when to say when. Some say it's because they have smaller brain capacities; others believe it's simply because they don't have to get up for work the next morning.

In fact, the only acceptable place for mixing animals and alcohol is at Brew at the Zoo, Miami's largest beer festival, bringing together over 100 local, international, and craft breweries to Zoo Miami on Saturday, May 4. Tickets are on sale now, and they're likely to go fast, especially if you want that VIP status that comes with unlimited entry, catered food, and access to a special, exclusive tasting section.

Still, sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes animals accidentally get into the hooch. Sometimes it's caught on video, and sometimes it's damned hilarious. Check out these videos of sloshed cats, dogs, giraffes, and squirrels. And please, make sure that you (and your furry friends) drink responsibly.

Drunken elephants, apes, giraffes, and more. It's like a zoo kegger.

Only a fool stands between a monkey and his rum.

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