The Purple Line Pop-Up Transit Station: Cocktails, Live Graffiti Art, and Local Music

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All photos by Hannah Sentenac
In most major cities (Miami excluded, of course), there are plenty of public transportation options. And with train stations come art, music, and hoards o' hipsters. Think of New York City subway tunnels on any given evening.

Last weekend, the Purple Line pop-up transit station showed Miami what our city would be like were we to have options other than overpriced cabs and a people mover. The pseudo-train station concept is a collaboration between a whole host of local groups and individuals, and it took over the space underneath an overpass on NE Second Ave. this past Friday and Saturday with art, music, and eats.

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Cultural influencers of all kinds set up shop. From live ninja-turtle art to goodies from Crumb on Parchment, an empty lot turned into an impressive epicenter for two days.

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There was Makeshop, a group who's all about creating shared resource space -- complete with tools -- for creatives, artisans, aspiring entrepreneurs and community seekers. They had sewing machines and various tools to tinker with.

Across the way was The Den, a carpeted pop-up art gallery and record shop run by The Black Key Group, a marketing management team who works to promote local artists.

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Local favorites Ketchy Shuby and Afrobeta took center stage on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively.

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But if Miami had a well thought-out, functional public transit system that actually took you to places where you need and want to go, then we wouldn't be able to whine and complain about not having a well thought-out, functional public transit system that actually takes you to places where you need and want to go.  It's a null-gain scenario.

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