Kim Kardashian's Worst Week Ever: Breaking Down the Divorce, the Bangs, and the Blood Facial

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Kim Kardashian, pobrecita.
Things have been tough for Kim Kardashian lately. (Well, as tough as we imagine things can get for a gazillionaire musician's gazillionaire girlfriend with lucrative TV deals, paid public appearances, and a range of products that fans are apparently buying.)

Sure, she's "glowing" with pregnancy. Sure, she keeps telling us how truly, madly, deeply, so very, very much in love she is with Kanye. Hell, even entertainment blogs seem to be taking it a little easier on her now that she's growing a tiny Kimyetus inside her.

Or they were, anyway, until this week, when event after event -- some simply missteps by Kardashian and some outright attacks on her livelihood -- has sent her public image, questionable as it already was, into a full-on downward spiral.

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Sunday night: The "Vampire Facial"
Oh my God, you guys, what happened to Kim Kardashian? Are those horrible facial burns? Is this a self-tanning incident gone horribly wrong? Is she auditioning for Tarantino's next film?

No to all of the above (though we would love to see Tarantino get his hands on Kiki). It's a "vampire facial," which is a terrifying and painful-sounding procedure that involves having blood drawn from your own body, separated, and reintroduced back into your body by being slathered across hundreds of tiny, bloody pinpricks all over on your damn face. Kardashian underwent the procedure on Sunday's episode of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, which was probably great for ratings. But it also gave the whole world a glimpse at Kim looking like a real-life horror-movie extra. Strike one.

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