Lea Black on Real Housewives of Miami's Third Season, Drones, and Her Upcoming Gala

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Starring on The Real Housewives of Miami didn't make Lea Black faaahbulous, darling. It's the other way around. The blonde powerhouse with razor-sharp quips is a huge part of what's made the series a guilty pleasure for viewers around the world.

Besides, she was a big deal here in Miami well before Bravo discovered her. The annual party she hosts with her husband, Roy Black, is one of Miami's most exclusive, most extravagant, and most celebrity-packed annual events. And this year's no different. Gabrielle Anwar, Sammy Sosa, Lance Bass, Jonathan Cheban, and fellow Housewives cast members Joanna Krupa, Lisa Hochstein, and Karent Sierra are all already confirmed for the April 13 event, which will feature a performance by Flo Rida.

"Alex Rodriguez, if he's in town, he'll definitely come," Black told Cultist nonchalantly over the phone.

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The yearly gala is Black's prized project, with months of effort spent organizing sponsors, entertainment, a silent auction and more. So now that it's just one month away, is Black stressing out?

"Not anymore," she laughed. "We're used to it by now. Now we just shake our head and laugh."

That seems to be Black's philosophy for life in general -- just laugh it off. You can certainly see it on RHOM. While other cast members are throwing each other into swimming pools and slapping each other across the face, Black just seems to take everything in stride (with a backhanded compliment or two for good measure).

"I try not to judge people so much," she said. "I find it fascinating to watch interactions with other people. So I just take it as ... comic relief, and try to enjoy it. When you get in a group of women like that, all it takes is one drink too many."

Don't we know it. But that doesn't mean she won't stand up for her fellow castmates when she sees fit. The case of Lisa Hochstein and her battle with the Miami Design Preservation League is one example.

"I live in a historical home in Coral Gables, so I know what it's like with permits, historical bonds -- it's a process," she said. "I like to preserve history. But when you own a private home on a private island, it's not like people are going to see it, like a museum."

She's a supporter of MDPL, Black insists -- except in the case of "something really hysterical -- not a private home on a private island with private gates. Nobody's taking a historical tour [there]."

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