Silowet Couture: Eliminating Miami's Muffin Tops, One Pair of Jeans at a Time

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Stacy Glover wants you to feel special. You know, that "OMG this fits me so well I'm pretty sure it was secretly made for me" kind of special.

The self-taught fashion designer traded in his marketing chops to figure out what exactly makes the perfect pair of jeans. "Attentive listening is what inspired me to take this journey," he says. "I spent countless hours digesting the frustrations of women I knew that had issues finding jeans that fit." The result: Silowet Couture.

A play on the word silhouette, Silowet is planting roots in Miami to hopefully get rid of the dreadful muffin top. You're welcome, ladies.

The concept of couture for denim is simple: bespoke, made to order jeans. Custom measurements, patterns, hand stitching and attention to detail are all factors here. And you won't find your boyfriend's jeans at Silowet. The brand is all about showcasing figures, not disguising them. He'll elongate and slim your legs and thighs and lift your butt, sans surgery.

The Design District flagship was selected on purpose, too. The Brooklyn, New York native notes, "I knew for Miami, the denim game was an untapped niche market." Glover plans to tap into this market with private fit parties for clients that want an even more personal and intimate experience, and a web series.

We caught up with the designer to discuss the process behind making that perfect-fit pair of jeans, how to make your denim a staple that turns heads, and why bespoke denim is needed in Miami.

Cultist: What made you decide to go into bespoke denim?
Stacy Glover: At the time, my thought was simple: to globally solve fit problems for all women in need, because surely my close friends couldn't be the only ones that felt this way. The audacity of my thought. Luckily, my relentless ambition to solve problems guided me towards creating jeans exclusively for each clients' individual measurements.

After visiting Paris, I fell in love with haute couture and the painstaking craftsmanship that went into creating the amazing gowns that we all adore on the red carpets. Immediately, I knew what our destiny would be as it relates to how we would make our jeans. Denim is special to me because to date, blue jeans are the one American innovation in fashion that is arguably the most influential everyday, staple item.

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