Five Foreign Films at MIFF for People Who Don't Usually Like Foreign Films

Ghost Graduation
What's that you say, Mildly Xenophobic Film Fan? If you wanted to read while people make incomprehensible noises for two hours, you'd plop down on the least sticky Metromover seat and take a couple of laps with the latest Life & Style?

Well, get off at the Omni Terminal and take one of several mostly insect-free bus lines to the Miami International Film Festival, where surprises and delights await even the most fickle and/or squinty of eyeballs. Behold: six foreign films at MIFF 2013 for people who don't usually like foreign films.

Whether you want to step out of your comfort zone, impress a potential lover, or just want to celebrate that Hooked on Phonics worked for you, below you'll find a selection of great movies that will suit your unique needs.

Ghost Graduation
Saturday, March 9 at 6:30pm

A Spanish comedy. A lovable loser named Modesto (who can see ghosts, by the way) gets a job at a school where five students died before they could graduate back in the 1980s. Their ghosts can only be freed from an eternity of acid washed jeans and infant-sized cell phones if Modesto can give them the graduation they never had. It's a funny one, but also contains a powerful message about the need to combat the rising high school ghost drop out rate.


Thesis on a Homicide
Saturday, March 9 at 4pm

North American preimiere of an Argentinian thriller. When a law professor notices that his exciting charmer of a student's paper about a hypothetical murder has a bit too much in common with an actual killing, the professor begins to think that his student is a crazy killer. But the jerks from the police and the university refuse to believe the professor, so it's up to him to try to pin the murder on his student.

Yo, Teach! How about dishing out some extra credit instead? Everyone says students don't care about their schoolwork anymore and when one finally shows a little initiative, he gets the cops on his ass for the trouble? Whatever, it's a taut and wild ride, as well as a cautionary tale about how a "What I Did on My Summer Vacation" essay can go horribly wrong. Don't let it happen to you.

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