Dating in Miami: Six Things You're Doing All Wrong, According to Local Expert Nikki Novo

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Dating in Miami can be downright daunting, especially for women. From one disappointment to the next, we encounter the wrong types of men -- men rife with fakeness, narcissism, and always, always that one annoying thing that sends us packing. Miami women with the desire to find true love often feel like they need to move to another city, state, or, hell, even another country to find someone they are compatible with.

Nikki Novo -- Miami native and author of the blog the Art of You & Me and an in-the-works advice book -- believes the answer to women's bad luck in love in Miami is never about the city itself. It's an inside job.

"Yes, you're going to meet the same type of guy over and over again, like that guy who has lots of money and finds the need to show it off all the time, or even the starving artist," Novo says. "But as long as you are you and in line with yourself, you're going to be able to spot who's the fake and who's not."

Novo is the founder of the Love Club, a group life-coaching course for singles seeking real love in the rough-and-tumble world of dating. Held at the Standard Spa in Miami Beach, the three-part dating workshop helps locals navigate the ever-finicky mating scene in Miami, answering burning questions like "Do I really have to wear a tight dress to score a dude in Miami?" and "Do I have to leave this city to find love?"

Tonight, Novo's first workshop focuses on the person who's really sabotaging your love life, the one person who's keeping you from finding and maintaining that perfect, healthy relationship. (News flash: It's you.) "The classes are to see the fun in dating and make dating more durable and more fit for your lifestyle so that it works for you," Novo says.

And she's no Patti Stanger. (Bandage dresses and full hair and makeup to impress a guy? Get real.) Novo supports dressing for yourself and not for the guy, an idea that would leave the explosive star of Millionaire Matchmaker fuming through her nose and ears faster than she can say, "Show some more cleavage." Novo's simple approach to dating is refreshing in that it all starts with you, because hey, guess what, girl? You're also the one to blame for why you're still single and unlucky in love.

If your love life (or lack thereof) has you at the point of collecting cats off the street, leave your checklist at the door and, please, stay in those jeans and T-shirt. Novo gave us the lowdown on all the things women might be doing wrong in their approach to dating.

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Daunting for women?  I guess because so many lame guys have spoiled these whores. Yes I said it. Most women in Miami are looking for money and gifts. They will spread their legs to the highest bidder. It's sad, but very true. 


What is it that makes her a "local expert"? I suppose all it takes is for someone to simply start referring to themselves as an expert.

Frank Castle
Frank Castle

i will never take dating advice from a girl...its a guys game


Traffic kills a lot of relationships in Miami.


@local_expert             Thanks for the tip.  I'll have to remember that....; )

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