The Boy Who Smells Like Fish: Talkin' Tuna and Stank With the Cast and Crew

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The Olympia Theater hosted the world premiere of The Boy Who Smells Like Fish at the Miami International Film Festival Saturday. The comedy is about, well, a boy who smells like fish.

The boy in question, played by Big Love's Douglas Smith, isn't doing anything untoward with your ceviche while you're off in the bathroom. No, he has trimethylaminuria, a real but rare metabolic disorder that causes him to secrete a fishy odor. A representative from a Miami-based support group for sufferers of trimethylaminuria was on hand to thank the filmmakers "for telling our story."

After the premiere, the festivities continued on the 19th floor of the JW Marriott Marquis, where guests and their scents mingled high above downtown Miami. We were there, not only to enjoy the responsibly portioned desserts and two-lane virtual bowling alley (which smelled like virtual feet) but to learn more about the cast and crew's firsthand experiences with body odor.

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Don McKellar, actor

What is the best-smelling fish?
Don McKellar: I like a smallmouth bass. I like the smell of freshwater fish because I grew up in Ontario. So maybe you have a different opinion down here in Miami. Maybe I'm not picking the hometown fish, and if so, I'm sorry. So maybe a smallmouth bass or a pickerel.

What is the smelliest you've ever been?
I had to do a film once where I was supposed to be part of the Warsaw uprising. I was a rebellious Jew, and I ended up dying in the sewers. And I had to spend a full night actually in the sewers, and I was very, very, very smelly. It was a horrible experience.

Almost like being killed in the Warsaw uprising?
Yeah, I suppose.

If someone had an odor problem not caused by a disease, what would you tell them?
I have a high tolerance for smells, so I would never. I don't think I would. [Thinks for a moment.] No, I would tell someone, but after a while.

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Carrie-Anne Moss, actor

What do you smell like?
[Either does not hear or dodges our stupid question with Matrix-like agility.]

But what do you smell liiiiiiiiike?!?
[No answer. Continues walking.]

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Olympia Theater at Gusman Center

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