The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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There's an ode to this.
Were y'all at Artopia last night? No? 

Missed out.

No, really. There was an almost-uncomfortable amount of booze and shiny spandex going around -- almost-uncomfortable.

Anyway, you can totally make up for it this weekend (though we won't forgive you too soon because Artopia was a New Times event).

Lots to do in the Magic City for the next few days. Ch-ch-check it out!

DJ Irie: Well, if he's good enough for the Heat, he's good enough for us.
Miami International Film Festival: You have ten days for these films, Miami. Get to it!

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Kristen Ledesma
Kristen Ledesma

thanks Peggy Bundy I had no idea it was FREE beer. How fantastic. =) It will be my first time seeing a derby event and I am more than excited.

Maureen Roxanny
Maureen Roxanny

Derby girls along with free beer and food trucks sounds like a great night to me !

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