Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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Mr. 305 is home.
This weekend is jam-packed. Why? Because on Miami stages at some point this weekend, a ton of music artists will be belting out their greatest hits just for you.

Man. We've got it nice here.

Here are the ten best things to do in the Magic City. Everything from Citizen Cope to ballet, beer festivals, chocolate festivals, Calle Ocho, and so much more. ¡Dale, Miami!

Coheed and Cambria: C&C's big hurr ain't curr.
Citizen Cope: The son is gonna rise, Miami. Son. Not sun. It'll still be chilly.
Miami City Ballet Program III: The Masters: Watch this and discover how graceful you'll never be.

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Rachel Goldberg
Rachel Goldberg

i didn't read it- but i hope yoga made the top ten;) peace

Lex Dillinger
Lex Dillinger

Mostly Working :( but COHEED AND CAMBRIA tonight!!!

Matt Dzwonkiewicz
Matt Dzwonkiewicz

Winter Party Festival!!!!! that is THE BIGGEST EVENT THIS WEEKEND

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