The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami this Weekend

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While you're sleepily sifting through your Facebook timeline this morning, you're probably still seeing red human rights flags pepper the screen.

It's been the talk of every town whose folk know what's up.

The talk will for sure carry on throughout the weekend and the next few months until the Supreme Court decides that marrying the person you love, no matter male or female, is constitutional.

We've nagged that your red flags on Facebook and Twitter basically mean nothing, but remember this: Every gay man and woman who sees that gesture, albeit small, of support from friends and family drives a greater cause to helping them believe they can marry who they want one day. And hope, friends, can go a very long way.

So have a drink in a gay's honor this weekend, y'all! And look fabulous doing it.

Burgundy and Barbecue: Just because The Biltmore is fancy-schmancy doesn't mean you can't go.
Viernes Culturales: Like Artwalk but with sazon.
Maroon 5: Adam Levine. That is all.
Eric Clapton: Can't say no to rubbing elbows with a legend.

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Miguel Alfaro
Miguel Alfaro

NUNCA me gano nada, ni aparecer en la Portada, jejeje!

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