Andy Cohen on Gay Pride, Busta Rhymes, and Real Housewives of Miami: "Mama Elsa Is Everything"

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Did you spend your Saturday night watching The Rachel Zoe Project marathon? Have you gotten into verbal altercations over Beverly Hills versus Orange Country? Is your boyfriend hiding his love for Nene Leakes like a meth habit?

These are all signs of a full-blown Bravo addiction. You aren't the only one with this disease. Sadly, there is no cure, and the only man to blame is Andy Cohen.

Cohen, king of reality TV, is the Executive Vice President, Development and Talent of the Bravo TV network, host of Watch What Happens Live, and as of last year, the author of Most Talkative. So while five nights a week you can catch him on late night, we had the pleasure of sitting down with him at Books & Books in Coral Gables. (He and hundreds of soccer moms and fabulous gays, of course.)

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New Times: I feel like we see you in Miami pretty frequently.
Andy Cohen: That's because you do. I really do love it. I mean, come on: I'll leave snow behind in New York and then be welcomed by sun in Miami. It's a pretty unreal place.

I know you are single. What about the boys in the 305?
What's not to love? Got to love a man with a tan.

Well, you are here to promote your book, Most Talkative. Tell us about it.
It's one of my biggest accomplishments. It's something I am really proud of. Writing a book is something I never thought I would be able to do.

Is there a chapter that was a breeze to write?
Talking about the whole Housewives phenomenon. I never thought it would be here. I talk about in the book that OC was such a gamble and now we have shows all over the country.

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