Bill Burr on Breaking Bad's "Insane" Ending, Al Pacino, and Hating the Lakers Forever

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Bill Burr is a name that might sound familiar to you. Perhaps you've seen one of his three comedy specials: Why Do I Do This?, Let It Go, and You People Are All The Same. Maybe you know him from his appearances on Chapelle Show, his role in Date Night, or his recurring character on the extraordinary TV series, Breaking Bad. Did you catch him on the big screen with Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, and Christopher Walken in Stand-Up Guys? Have you noticed his name in glowing amber letters above the corner of Washington Avenue and 17 Street in front of the Jackie Gleason, where he'll be headlining during the South Beach Comedy Festival on Wednesday, April 17?

Depending on who you ask, Burr might be described as anything from hilarious to angry, from being a misogynistic ass to being comedian's comedian and a voice for the everyman. Among the packed clubs and sold-out theaters that Burr has killed with his act, you'll likely find people who describe him as all those things and could not be happier about it. But above all else, you could describe him as an honest guy.

New Times: So how've you been, man?
Bill Burr: [Laughs] I've been fine. I'm on the road road right now on a 10-day tour and I end up in Miami on the last date of the tour.

Miami seems like a pretty good place to crash.

It's strangely not that much of a comedy city, except for during the South Beach Comedy Festival, so it's always refreshing to have an injection of levity into the atmosphere down here.
I think that's probably because you've got so much to do down there and all the beautiful people -- I don't think you need that many jokes.

Yeah, but if you look at towns like New York or Boston, they've got plenty to do and they manage to have a thriving comedy scene.
Nah, it's not like fucking gorgeous women laying on yachts and shit up there. Trust me -- Minneapolis is a great comedy town...You get a great sense of humor when you've got to fight through the winter.

As a comedian, you've always kept your material pretty close to the bone, from your first Comedy Central special all the way up to selling out Carnegie Hall. How do you see that as part of your stage presence, regardless of the scale of a gig?
I don't really analyze my style. When you do something like that, then you're in the audience watching yourself and that doesn't work for me. I have to be on stage saying what I want to say...I just go on stage and I say what I think is funny. And as far as just saying who I am, I have really good friends, I haven't surrounded myself with people who will just agree with everything I say. I have friends that go "Ahh, shut the fuck up!"...There's definitely a road you can go down when you're in this business that will isolate you and make you change, but fortunately I have really good friends. If I say something funny, they laugh, if it's not funny, they tell me to go fuck myself. That pretty much keeps you in check.

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