Denim in Distress: 7 For All Mankind Wants to Make Your Jeans Look Ancient

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Photos by Dilara Tuncer
Yesterday evening, on the neverending shopping maze that is Lincoln Road, the high-end denim label, 7 For All Mankind, hosted its first "How do you distress" event. Guests could see and learn the different methods one could use to "distress" their jeans, from the traditional to the avant-garde.

Annie Vasquez, of the colorful Miami fashion blog, The Fashion Poet, hosted the event, which featured a few appearances by other bloggers as well. Also, stacks of the newly-released Ocean Drive were dispersed and fanned out in key places, as the glossy celebrates 20 years.

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Throughout the night, servers handed out Long Island iced teas served in chevron-striped paper mache straws, fueling the very colorful night.

Although it may be novel for an event exclusively modifying jeans in a way that
instantly ages them by by about three decades, these workshops reflect a growing trend. "7 For All Mankind is celebrating the distressing [denim] trend all throughout the month with four stores, and our was the first store," says Joey Ballard, the manager of 7 For All Mankind. The store itself brings in new items every week, according to Ballard, consisting of cuffed denim shorts and silk screen-like prints on pants, such as glittery gold paisley or dark, 90's floral--practical pieces for the sometimes unforgiving Miami weather. The store was almost painstakingly organized and the pattern of arrangement from the muted pastels gives off an interesting effect.

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Great article Dilara, from the "Distresser". I like the name!

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