Floatopia Returns to South Beach! Top Five Tips for Successful Floating

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Courtesy of Floatopia Miami
This is what you have to look forward to. Get excited.
Last year, the 305 saw its first Floatopia, an epic party on innertubes that overtook South Pointe Park with Solo cups, comaraderie, and dozens of inflatable devices. And lucky for those who didn't get to partake in last summer's shindig, it's back.

Scheduled for 4/20, the buoyant bash is hitting South Beach again, but organizers have learned a few things since last year. We spoke to the folks at Floatopia for some tips to help newbies and returning revelers navigate the waters.

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Last year, the authorities got a little, uhhh, over-exuberant towards the beginning of the bash, lining up on the sands with four-wheelers, packing the water with Coast Guard boats, and generally anticipating the absolute worst.

Attendees behaved themselves, however, so eventually the authorities took it down a notch. Let's shoot for the same situation this year, shall we? Follow these tips to keep yourself (and Floatopia as a whole) out of trouble.

5. Keep booze in plastic cups and coolers with spouts.
While we all know alcohol is technically illegal on Miami Beach, the cops aren't generally obnoxious about it if you stick with plastic. Leave the cans and bottles at home to avoid citation issues. Trust us, we speak from experience.

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Courtesy of Floatopia Miami
4. Bring ropes and anchors.
Last year, there was a shortage of both, so the party began to float towards Fifth Street. Come prepared, and stay tightly tied to your newfound friends so you don't drift off into open seas.

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South Pointe Park

1 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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