Floatopia Gear Guide 2013: Everything You Need to Float In Style

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Floatopia is almost upon us, and Miami's masses are buzzing with aquatic anticipation. What's not to love about a floating party? We don't get nearly enough chances to take to the brilliant blue waters of Miami Beach with booze, buddies, and duck floaties.

This is a situation where it's best to come prepared. So we've compiled the most awesome gear available to make the most of this epic floating adventure.

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blue lagoon floating island.jpg

Blue Lagoon Floating Island
This amazeballs floating island is so epic, why would you ever get off? It'll hold you and five of your closest friends, and it comes complete with two built-in coolers and a wading pool. Basically, it's a buoyant party bus.

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Swimways Floating Cooler
A beach party isn't complete without high quantities of cold drinks. There's nothing worse than a lukewarm beer while you're cruising in the sweltering Miami sun. This one will hold a whole bunch of bevvies, plus six cans on the outer rim. Floatopia is all about making new friends, and sharing your extra booze is a great way of doing just that.

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Colored Sunscreen
Every responsible adult knows sunscreen is a must-do, especially under our intense tropical sun. But plain old Coppertone is so damn dull. Make it fun and play paint by numbers on your neighbors with a rainbow of colors instead. And hell, it's an extra believable excuse for wanting to rub your hands all over a hottie's back.


Basketball Hoop
Diversions are a necessity for an afternoon at the beach. Shooting hoops will keep even the most ADD-prone companion busy. And you can always place bets.

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Floating Speaker
Music is a must. And if you wanna compete with the obnoxious Beliebers on the floaties next to you, better bring the power. This floating speaker (which, as a bonus, looks like a giant tennis ball) has a range of over 30 feet, so you can totally dominate.

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Jannette Garcia
Jannette Garcia

LMAO Liza Mateu. No, really. They have really cool ones with cup holders and all. I'm going to look into it if we are seriously going.

Liza Mateu
Liza Mateu

Jannette Garcia I'm jumping in the raft with you! Lol

Jannette Garcia
Jannette Garcia

I'm getting a raft just incase. Screw a floatie. Lol.

Belinda Rivas
Belinda Rivas

I'm ready!! Well not according to the list but mentally. Lol we gotta buy some stuff. Nicole Peralta Jazmine Agostinho

Tamara Sales
Tamara Sales

Lol!!! I want to stay in the USA!! Where do I but that?

Johana Olivera
Johana Olivera

Gabriela Isabel Liza Mateu Lisi Chavarri Tamara Sales Christina Capetillo Jannette Garcia Do you ladies have your floaties and anchor ready??? "No, seriously, you need an anchor. It may seem unglamorous, but the last thing you want is break free from the pack and have the rip tide take you to Cuba." LOLOL!!!! I'm super duper excited for this!! :)

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