Take Home Free, Original Artwork in Miami With Free Art Fridays Scavenger Hunts

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Free Art Fridays Take Me
Photo by Diana Contreras
This Friday, artists, culture junkies, and random passers-by will go in search of priceless treasure. Well, it's priceless because it's free. Each final day of the work week, people around the world are joining Free Art Friday, a movement in which art is left in public places for people to take -- no conditions or sales, just free pieces.

With chapters in Australia, Canada, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Serbia, UK, and all over the U.S., Miami has now joined the ranks. Free Art Friday seeks to unite artists and districts with its city-wide art scavenger hunt. The premise is simple: Artists hide their own works of art around the city, and the first person to find it can take it home for free.

"It happens on a larger scale every Friday, we just don't really know about it," Registered Artist, founder of the Miami chapter, said of the growing community project. After befriending some of the original founding artists of FAF through Facebook, Artist realized that although other places recognize Miami as an artistic destination because of Art Basel and the hype surrounding Wynwood, people from different parts of the world have no concrete visual representation of the Miami artist as an individual. He was encouraged by these newfound friends to initiate a local FAF, which would also be recognized by other chapters.

FAF Registered Artist
Courtesy of Registered Artist
After approaching a number of local artists to contribute their own works of art for free, he was met with mixed reactions. But those who responded positively helped establish FAF into a proactive, weekly event. Although still in a fledgling state, the group's Facebook page has reached more than 700 members in only a few months' time and gained sponsorship from an Artist & Craftsman Supply. Some of the artists who initially balked at the idea have even come around to participate.

FAF Ivan Roque
Courtesy of Ivan Roque
Ivan Roque, a resident artist at Yo Space, has been dropping off work consistently since the beginning. "It really does bring the art to the people and could completely change the outlook of their day...it brings culture and a better understanding of the arts to the city and its people," Roque said of his reasons for involvement. As an extension of FAF, he gives away some of his pieces at Yo Miami's Average Joe Sale.

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