Game of Thrones: Five Parodies More Entertaining Than Last Night's Premiere

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Even Daenerys is all, "Let's move this along, people."
Remember Friday, when all the office drones of the country could talk about was Game of Thrones' new season, which was just days away? There were interviews with cast members. There were items for sale on Etsy. There were facial hair power rankings. Anticipation was high.

Then the first episode of season three aired last night, and ... nothing much happened.

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Hey, we get it. After a nearly 10-month hiatus, Thrones writers were tasked with reminding viewers of what, exactly, was going on in its complex plot. We saw some plot advancement -- Jon Snow meeting Mance Rayder, Daenerys considering buying an army of slaves -- but most of last night's episode featured people talking intensely to each other, as opposed to fighting with swords or having sex or setting each other on fire. We counted just one pair of naked breasts in the entire episode. One!

Hold tight, TV viewers; it may seem like the series has lost steam, but readers of the books know that shit's about to get awesome. In the meantime, entertain yourself with these Thrones-inspired videos, which are vastly more entertaining than last night's letdown.

George R.R. Martin meets Tenacious D. Game of Fucking Thrones, yeah.

God bless you, premium cable. Without you, Game of Thrones just wouldn't be the gosh-darned same.

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Kyle Cosio
Kyle Cosio

There was just SO much not going on, I couldn't keep up!

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