IKEA Breaks Ground in Miami-Dade, Moves Opening Up to Summer 2014

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Ikea's Sunrise location.
For years now, Miami enthusiasts of Allen wrenches, horse-flavored meatballs, and cheap, Swedish furniture had to shlep all the way into Broward County to satisfy their cravings at the IKEA location in Sunrise.

But soon, those Liatorps, Bjurstas, and Fabrikörs will be no farther from your home than a drive down the Dolphin Expressway. IKEA's coming to Miami, y'all -- and sooner than we originally thought.

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A media alert from IKEA announced today that the Swedes are setting up shop in Sweetwater, breaking ground on the new store on Tuesday, May 7. IKEA's "Miami" location will take up 4,16,000 sq. ft. at the intersection of the Dolphin and the Florida Turnpike, near the Dolphin Mall.

The new store, IKEA's 39th location in the U.S., will stock nearly 10,000 pieces of the furniture, kitchenware, toys, wall art, and everything else that's getting you by until you grow up, get a real job, and buy a pre-assembled couch like an adult. There'll be "three model home interiors, 50 room-settings," and "a supervised children's play area," much like you've seen in the Sunrise location.

IKEA's also not backing shyly away from its recent horse meat scandal. The alert also advertises "a 600-seat restaurant serving Swedish specialties such as meatballs with lingonberries or salmon plates, and American dishes too." Tasty!

More appetizing: the 350 area workers who'll be employed by the store as soon as it's constructed. IKEA predicts an opening in Summer 2014.

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Gomez Christian
Gomez Christian

its just for those that want some design and dont wanna spend much on decorating

Rachelle Letaw
Rachelle Letaw

I have been to IKEA twice. I don't understand what all the hype is about. They have the cheap crap furniture. I'd rather go get some vintage pieces that are well made.

Alex Anico
Alex Anico

i will hold off on buying that coffee table for $29 for another year now...

Gary McFly
Gary McFly

YAY! No more having to drive a half a county away for swedish meatballs

Tom Morris
Tom Morris

And the countdown to the traffic jam locking down the entire county for the first week the store's open is on! Remember when everything jammed during Dolphin Mall's first week?

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