James Franco on His New Gay Sex Film and a Freaks and Geeks Reunion: "Sure, I'd Love To"

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You can say a lot of things about James Franco, but you can't say he likes to play it safe. Franco is once again pushing buttons with his latest project, Interior. Leather Bar, a fictional story of the lost footage from real-life gay sex film Cruising that was allegedly cut from the film to avoid an X rating.

Fresh off of the box-office success of Oz the Great and Powerful, you'd think Franco might want to sit back and hit a doob, but this former 420-er is always on the grind. Throughout his film career, he's managed to attend some of the country's most prestigious universities, including Columbia and New York, and he's currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Yale. He also teaches, writes, and directs, and still managed to star on the daytime soap General Hospital, as "Franco", the mysterious artist-slash-serial killer.

In town for the Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (MGLFF), Franco took some time to chat with us about receiving MGLFF's Ally Award, his role in Spring Breakers, partying in Miami, and the possibility of a Freaks & Geeks reunion.

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Franco in Interior. Leather Bar
Cultist: How do you feel about the way people responded to your role in Spring Breakers?
James Franco: Really well. I'm very happy with the movie. It might be my favorite movie of all the ones I've done. It was so innovative, and structured so well, and it works on so many levels. I'd say, humbly, that it's the most original character I've been able to play.

Do you enjoy filming in Florida?
I love filming in Florida. We filmed Spring Breakers in St. Petersburg and I've been to Miami several times.

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