Miami Is the Eighth Nerdiest City in America, You Dweebs

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Cayla Nimmo
Here's a nerd at Florida Supercon. And he's not alone.
Hey, Miami. Yeah, you -- the one with the 80-pound backpack and Coke-bottle glasses. Quit your LARPing, put down that Dr. Who fan fiction, and get over here. It's wedgie time.

Why? Because you're not the cool kid we thought you were. According to real estate blog Movoto, you're the eighth nerdiest city in America, Poindexter.

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Movoto used the following criteria to determine the most dorktastic places in the nation:

  • Number of annual comic book, videogame, anime, and sci-fi/fantasy conventions
  • People per comic-book store
  • People per videogame store
  • People per traditional gaming store
  • People per computer store
  • People per bookstore
  • People per LARPing group
  • People per science museum
  • Distance to the nearest Renaissance fair

Turns out, having one of the hippest hipster neighborhoods in the country doesn't mean you can't also claim a whole bunch of nerd cred -- especially when you're bordered to the north and the south by a Renaissance fair. (Florida Supercon probably also doesn't hurt.)

In fact, Miami ranked above Denver and San Jose in terms of dweebiness. Yes, according to these numbers, the Magic City is nerdier than the damn Silicon Valley.

Wait, does this mean Miami's nerds outnumber its jocks and mean girls? Have the dorks become the cool kids? Uh, we take back that wedgie, guys. That retainer looks really nice on you. You're like a modern-day Han Solo. Or something? Just don't go all Revenge of the Nerds on us, OK?

Here's the full ranking:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Seattle, WA
  4. Sacramento, CA
  5. Minneapolis, MN
  6. Boston, MA
  7. Las Vegas, NV
  8. Miami, FL
  9. San Jose, CA
  10. Denver, CO

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this poll is so incorrect, as it is the comicon show that use to come stopped, a lot of comic book stores have died out and the few shows out there are so low budget its pretty much anyones rfont yard garage sale

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