Parks and Recreation's Megan Amram on O, Miami and "Classic Butterface" Emily Dickinson

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As for what the greatest words in history are, Amram has a favorite in "mulch."

"As I write poetry," she says, "I will often use words that rhyme with mulch, unconsciously. I really love that sound so much. It's also a beautiful thing, a real thing. Mulch."

She characterizes her poetry as "distinguished by a very chunky mouthfeel," which is, perhaps not coincidentally, a way to describe mulch. "It's very much constructed in a diction-heavy way."

Amram is excited to bring her subconscious mulch to Miami in what will be her first ever visit to our city.

"I'll be flying into Pitbull International Airport, I believe. I don't know much of what to expect other than that I assume Pitbull is everywhere and that it is full of my old Jew relatives," she says somewhat hopefully. "I've been to Disney World, so I assume it will be a lot like that.

"In my head, Miami is this den of iniquity. But my mom is also coming."

Amram has a request of you, dear reader: "If you see my mother and she looks like she is on ecstasy, please let me know."

This may be a challenge for those of us who are less familiar Amram's mother's normal state. Things to look for: "She will probably rub her face on your face, but she also does that when she's not on ecstasy. She's a very affectionate person. But really, if you see her, she is 100% on ecstasy."

Amram reads at O, Miami's finale this Sunday, April 28, at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $20 - $50. Visit

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