Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: April's Five Most Exciting Shows

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Rene Barge, "Relay"
In 2000, Brook Dorsch became the first pioneer to move to Wynwood while it was a wild frontier, and has since witnessed the boom that has transported the area into a thriving cultural district while piloting his program into one of the most relevant in South Florida.

Beginning at 6 p.m. tonight, and continuing during tomorrow's Second Saturday Art Walk, the visionary dealer celebrates a new milestone with his completely renovated 3,500 square-foot digs that has been rechristened Emerson Dorsch to reflect his partnership with his wife, Tyler Emerson-Dorsch, who has emerged as a curatorial force in her own right. The couple is inaugurating their revamped space with two new exhibits: Brookhart Jonquil's "In a Perfect World" and Rene Barge's "Relay (Flow)," in the gallery's fresh-squeezed Project Room.

Our other picks for this edition of the culture crawl's top tickets include a photographer's exploration of the concrete jungle, a Japanese artist's pictures inspired by natural disaster, one man's dedication to destruction, and a Cold War-era mash up by a former UCLA quarterback.

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Brookhart Jonquil, "In a Perfect World"
"In a Perfect World"
Brookhart Jonquil's new series of large scale sculptures rendered in wooden scaffolding and intricately angled mirrors are designed to tweak perception. The series of reflections creates a constantly shifting reality in a world where nothing truly remains as it first appears.

Meanwhile, Rene Barge's enigmatic "Relay (Flow)," a multi-channel, performative sound installation crafted simply from an amplifier with sonic drivers, bendable plywood, and Dynaband, will be altered by the artist each week during the course of the show as an aural experiment reflecting how sound plays a role in shaping our understanding of space.
Emerson Dorsch 151 NW 24th St., Miami. Call 305-576-1278 or visit

Fabiano Parisi
"The Empire of Light"
Rome's Fabiano Parisi is a photographic flaneur whose poetic images of abandoned urban locations evoke a mysterious air of anticipation through haunting, almost surreal landscapes. In 2007 the artist began traveling the globe snapping photographs in countries ranging from Italy to Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Belgium, and the U.S. Parisi was seeking to recapture the grandeur of a fading world and long-ago popular spots now bereft of the humanity.

In addition, Lowenstein is presenting "Tend to" by Brooklyn-based artist Sterz, whose equally atmospheric video installations riff on the existential human condition and themes as disparate as the passage of time, sex, joy, despair, love, and disease.
Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, 2043 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Call 305-576-1804 or visit

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Emerson Dorsch

151 NW 24th St., Miami, FL

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Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

2043 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Dina Mitrani Gallery

2620 NW 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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Primary Projects

151 NE 7th St., Miami, FL

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Black Square Gallery

2248 NW 1st Place, Miami, FL

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