The Artists of Philanthrofest: X-Rated Collages, Naked Cuban Chicks, and Totally Legal Photography

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Samantha Lazarus displays her work
Philanthrofest 2013 was an awesome assortment of pro-social community based organizations, tech startups, grassroots efforts, entrepreneurs of all kinds, true musical variety, and a great batch of local artists.

The MDC Wolfson Campus opened its arms to the people, and the sun shined brightly on them.

Here's a look at some of the beautiful work that was on display, and a peek at those who made it.

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The art display zone was located in MDC's building 1, from the entrance to the courtyard. Here's how visitors were greeted.

Rev. Alan Laird of Black Art Productions (786-315-0960) was painting a pillow that was sitting on a painted chair. In front of him were an assortment of paintings on traditional and hexagonal surfaces.

"This one is based on the tradition of Bamboula in Congo Square, New Orleans, where every Sunday the slaves were allowed to go congregate and dance. There were hundreds of them," he said.

Next to Laird, Gustavo Ramirez had a table full of $5, $10, $20, and $60 pieces.

"My studio is an efficiency in Hallandale Beach," he said. Gustavo specializes in abstract and portrait work and believes that "Fine art should be available and affordable to the common everyday person."


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@Swampdog & @jake thanks for showcasing the creativity found @Philanthrofest 2013!!!

@Swampdog & Jake. thanks so much for bringing all of our ART alive!  


Thank you for your exquisite photos documenting a great event !

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Awesome post! Check out for the t-shirts!

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