Emerson Dorsch: Taking Wynwood Beyond the Age of Warehouse Galleries

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The Dorsch art gallery was the first art exhibition space, among droves that would follow suit, to open in Wynwood. Since its 1991 launch, it has been an influential establishment in the burgeoning art district, and this past Friday, it reopened its doors as Emerson Dorsch, with a pair of incredible exhibits by two divergent talents and a gallery experience that is wholly unique in the area.

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By 4:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, the pressure was still on, but the tension had mostly left the crew working to finish installing the last pieces at the Emerson Dorsch for its opening reception at 6:15 p.m. In the main space, four immense, mirrored sculptures hung from the walls like bisected alien escape pods. This was the focal point of Brookhart Jonquil's, In a Perfect World, and the construction had been completed in only two days with a very minuscule margin of error, since these installations are composed of hundreds of pounds of glass and steel that could rip their way out of the wall if even the slightest miscalculation were made.

"I think it's turned out really well," Tyler Emerson-Dorsch, co-owner of the Emerson Dorsch gallery, told New Times. "The resources and time aspects haven't been easy, but we've seen it through...It's sort of an adventure story."

As we walked through the pristine white space, the air was filled with a sort of ghostly humming that could be likened to the ringing of Tibetan prayer bowls, but with a greater sonic complexity. It was only when we'd reached the Project Room that it became clear what the sound was.

The smaller, more intimate Project Room of the gallery is currently the exhibition space for Rene Barge's, Relay, which features of two pieces constructed out of bendable plywood that Barge has ritualistically shaped with bungie cords and affixed with pink Dynaband. Within the plywood arches are a pair of drivers that Barge has mounted to play ambiant sound that he has arranged and edited to produce the ethereal audio effect.

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Emerson Dorsch

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Robert Fontaine
Robert Fontaine

amazing! Wynwood is very lucky to have such gallery owners who think outside the box...a true leader

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