The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami this Weekend

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Well, it's been a really, really bad week, to say the least.

What with all of these tragedies happening in Boston and Texas, it almost makes us think there's no hope for anything good happening ever again.

We can't speak for that, because we only know as much as the next person, but we can try to relieve ourselves from all the recent stress and try to relax.

Thankfully, Miami always has something to bring our downed spirits up, and make us feel a little better.

Here's to wishing happier times for everyone.

Esperanza Spalding: If heaven had a voice... lawwwd.
Dirty South: The [Aussie] Serbian is in town to show Miami the best of the best of the best.
Sustainatopia: Contrary to popular belief, the smaller your carbon footprint, the better.

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