The Top Ten Movies Shot in Miami

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Cameron Diaz, makin' Miami proud.
LA sucks. There's so much smog there you can hardly shoot a movie in the sunshine.

That's why all the great films of our time shot in golden quality natural UV come to South Florida.

The latest, Pain & Gain, opens in theaters tonight. But it's just one of many classic flicks that have been shot in the county of Dade.

Here are our top ten.

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10. Caddyshack
Sex, drugs, booze, golf, and gophers. When Tiger Woods was a kid, he probably used to rent this movie, go home, and score a "hole in one" in a sock, if you know what we mean. The majority of the film was shot at the Boca Raton Hotel & Country Club, and the Rolling Hills Golf & Tennis Club in Davie. But the pivotal Rodney Dangerfield "I'm on a boat, bitch" yacht-crushes-dinghy scene was filmed right here in Miami on Biscayne Bay.

9. Only The Strong
This epic in the pantheon of fight-to-the-death-in-a-circle-of-fire flicks created a feeding frenzy of local karate instructors working as extras when this production came to town. Not only is the best capoeira movie we know of, but it has the catchiest theme song in the history of film, "Paranaue," which sounds something like "para nah way, para nah way para na."

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How about the Fast & The Furious?! I remember watching them film in the Opa-Locka Airport


Ohh come on!  Miami Blues!   How could that name slip the list! 

" You got another one of them Polars rat-holed away somewhere?

" Pedro, this is Sgt Mosely, he's with the police department"

" Vinegar Pie"


Scarface, Any Given Sunday, Blow, Miami Vice should be on here


How do neither of the Bad Boys films make the list?  Or True Lies?


just for consistency's sake, it should be noted that the high school scenes in wild things were filmed at ransom everglades in coconut grove. the school allowed them to film there and then was appalled by the final product.

miamitrev2 topcommenter


All of the above except Miami Vice which sucked.   I also nominate Fair Game

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