Three Miami Men You Should Never, Ever Date

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Each week, Miami dating expert Nikki Novo gives us advice on finding love in this hopeless place. Today: Run, don't walk, from these Miami dating "prospects."

We've either posed the question ourselves, or have heard someone else ask it: "Why do I always attract the same (and wrong) guy?" See, the problem isn't that you're attracting the wrong guy. The trouble occurs when you actually fall for the man.

The first step to breaking an unwanted pattern is acknowledging that you have one in the first place. But spotting your kryptonite isn't always so obvious. Don't fret. We've done the dirty work for you by identifying the three most common archetypes in Miami worth keeping at arm's length.

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1. The Family Guy
On paper, the Family Guy appears to be a husband in training. His dedication to his mother, dad, and nephews are aww-inducing. He is the type to introduce you to his parents in the first month of dating -- a move, you of course, find flattering.

But underneath his commitment to his family, there's a desperate need for validation. His thirst for approval from each relative is so deep that if for any reason you don't fit their requirements, you don't fit his either. Those are the kind of high standards that would never turn a blind eye to that Spring Break butterfly tattoo on your ankle.

One can't help but be sympathetic toward the Family Guy. After all, he's the one living with a constant desire to please others, while placing his true feelings on a dusty shelf. But what does this mean for you? Despite your attempts to down endless amounts of Cuban food, your efforts and merits will never be enough. He'll take his father's approval over true love any day. And how could you ever compete with that?

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Lol Is like getting an expensive car, but you are not sure if you can afford next payment lol...


Lol ...I was Mr Potential ...and yes is true, better to don't say what you can not be sure to accomplish, you will undeperform.. And yes I lost a great Woman for this.. She got tired waiting and felt disappointed over my promises, even though, I fought for our dreams like never.... She couldn't wait.... Now I'm successful but with a different scope in life and thanks to that experience I grew up so much... Thanks For The Article. 


@carlosdelgado111 Thanks for your comment! It's always nice to hear honest comments. Wishing you lots of love + inspiration. 

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