Three Miami Men You Should Never, Ever Date

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2. Mr. (Empty) Money Bags
He drives a fancy car. He buys you endless 20-dollar cocktails. And his clothes are pricier than yours. Hey, but you're not complaining. The gifts do keep on rolling in. And he brings you on the type of dates fit for an episode of The Bachelor.

A few weeks into your courtship, you realize this dude has nothing interesting to say. Conversations are all about what he has, what he wants, and what others around him have. He's not even a good tipper!

All this time you thought he was so worldly. But what you're quickly starting to understand is that his world, quite simply, revolves around him. And that keeps you and your needs on the outskirts. Time to cut and run.

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Lol Is like getting an expensive car, but you are not sure if you can afford next payment lol...


Lol ...I was Mr Potential ...and yes is true, better to don't say what you can not be sure to accomplish, you will undeperform.. And yes I lost a great Woman for this.. She got tired waiting and felt disappointed over my promises, even though, I fought for our dreams like never.... She couldn't wait.... Now I'm successful but with a different scope in life and thanks to that experience I grew up so much... Thanks For The Article. 


@carlosdelgado111 Thanks for your comment! It's always nice to hear honest comments. Wishing you lots of love + inspiration. 

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