"We're So Fly": White People Rapping, From the Guy Who Brought You Miami's "Gangnam Style" (VIDEO)

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Where were you in 2005? ? Geeking out over Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith? Threatening to move to Canada after the second inauguration of George W. Bush? Saving up for tickets to the Destiny's Child world tour?

We're pretty sure we know what the guys of ElectroChronic were doing: Studying the videos of The Lonely Island obsessively. This morning, the duo of YouTube users Andrew Hales and VitalyzdTv released "We're So Fly." You could see it as a Miami homage to Lonely Island's first breakout hit, 2005's "Lazy Sunday."

Or you could see it as a well-shot but unfunny rehash of a tired joke -- white people rapping about white people stuff -- that's almost an entire decade too late. Watch and decide for yourself after the jump.

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Tremenda mierrr... but I had no idea Javier Ceriani spoke English.

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