Who Is Crazier: Tracy Morgan, Charles Manson, Pol Pot, or Bradley Cooper? Take Our Quiz!

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Would you trust this man with your Australia?
Tracy Morgan will headline the Fillmore Miami Beach tomorrow night as part of this year's South Beach Comedy Festival. If you're unable to get a ticket, don't sweat it; you can recreate the experience by standing by the nearest shirtless man dry humping an invisible lover, and whipping your brain into a meringue with a hand mixer.

Is Tracy Morgan really that crazy? The people of Australia certainly think so. Women's rights activists were protesting this week's run of shows on the grounds that he's crazy misogynistic and crazy sexist. Crazy!

We're still excited for the show, but does Miami really need to import weirdoes? Take a shot at answering some of the same questions we asked him over email during his recent stay in Australia. How would you answer? Are you crazier than Tracy Morgan?

Take our quiz and find out. Each multiple choice includes one of Tracy Morgan's real answers and unrelated answers from a 1981 interview with Charles Manson, a 1979 interview with Pol Pot, and Bradley Cooper's Q&A in this month's Details magazine.

1. How are you spending your time in Australia?

a) Hanging out with the wonderful people here, sightseeing, going to zoos, landmarks and seeing things I've only seen on postcards before.
b) I cut the dude's ear off because he was fucking over Bobby.
c) There was a need to solve the problem of food for the people, as well as the realization that there was a plan by US lackeys to attack us.
d) I begged my father to send me Valley Forge Military Academy. I found the number in the Yellow Pages. He said no.

2. How do Australian women compare to American women?

a) Oh, I like them. They're nice. If they're put together well and everything and they're soft and spongy, yeah, they're nice. As long as they keep their mouth shut and do what they're supposed to do.
b) The best way I can answer that is to say we're surviving. Both of us.
c) The existence of irrigation systems is an important factor which can secure a high yield for rice and other farm products.
d) No comparison. All women are god's greatest creations.

3. Have you had any regrettable encounters with a koala bear?

a) One pooped on me.
b) I punched my mother out once.
c) I only talked to him on the phone. And I've since corresponded with his wife. The whole thing is just awful. I mean, two young kids.
d) It was a deception. Furthermore, they proposed a new border demarcation which took away a vast part of our territorial waters. We saw this as sheer expansionism.

4. A life-affirming encounter with a koala bear that you will remember forever?

a) Going to the White House to meet with Joe Biden was definitely memorable. He's a master. Comes in the room and comes right up to you. To everyone. He doesn't give you a second to be insecure. He turns your brain right off and makes you feel completely at ease.
b) I learned to box and cry.
c) One pooped on me.
d) We decided to become the first to smash the US imperialist plan, preventing them from attacking us when we entered Phnom Penh.

5. You are one quarter of the way through being nominated for all four segments of the EGOT. Could you predict what performance would get you a Grammy nomination?

a) I exhale a lot. I was thinking about this yesterday.
b) Don't know. I'm not trying to win a Grammy.
c) The future will be decided on the basis of practicality. This is why we told you that we do not have a blueprint or a readymade model.
d) I just take a can and start banging on it, you know. But we used to have some cosmic gatherings back in the mountains that would probably shake a Mormon Tabernacle Choir's eardrums.

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