Wynwood's Dorsch Gallery Re-opens as Renovated Emerson Dorsch This Weekend

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Emerson Dorsch presents Brookhart Jonquil's In a Perfect World
Wynwood's famous Dorsch Gallery is about to unveil its new identity, Extreme Makeover-style. Tonight, the newly renovated space will re-open with new exhibitions, a new layout, and a brand new moniker to match.

Emerson Dorsch, as the gallery is now named, is a partnership between husband and wife team Brook Dorsch and Tyler Emerson-Dorsch -- and the name change reflects their joint vision. The new space debuts tonight with In a Perfect World, a sculpture show by Brookhart Jonquil, and Relay, a project by Rene Barge.

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"The name change reflects the partnership between Brook Dorsch and I. The new space solidifies our position to act as a cultural hub and a networking force in a larger conversation. The drastic renovations allow for us to have a more committed focus than ever before, with a single main space and a project room," says co-owner Tyler Emerson-Dorsch.

While they're keeping many details of the new look and layout hush-hush (who doesn't love surprises?), here's what we do know: It boasts a whopping 3,500 square feet, with more than 1,500 of that dedicated to exhibition space. There's a new foyer and reception area, a project room (which will feature experimental works by emerging artists), and a main exhibition space.

The overall layout was designed by Patricia Cuello of Dharma Construction, an architect specializing in efficient, function-driven designs that utilize readily available materials. The interior was crafted by Jacob Brillhart AIA, an author and Assistant Professor at the University of Miami School of Architecture.

"The main exhibition is Brookhart Jonquil's In a Perfect World, which is the perfect compliment to the experience of the new space. His last major project was at the de la Cruz Collection last April, Inverted Night. Jonquil utilizes reflection to create new perceptual experiences that allude to dimensionality, in all senses of the word -- literally, metaphorically, poetically," Emerson-Dorsch adds.

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Emerson Dorsch

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