Ten Reasons Miami Was Better in the '90s

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There's a lot to be said for the 1990s. Neon colors, boy bands, and Cory and Topanga's cuteness reigned supreme.

Wait, or is that today's world? Shit's getting confusing lately, what with all the pop culture throwbacks.

But seriously, the '90s were pretty rad all the way around -- particularly in Miami. Back in the good old days, we had fewer people, better baseball, and a lot more models milling around. Check out the top ten reasons why the 305 was better before the millennium hit.

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Via brutalSoCal on Flickr
10. There weren't as many tourists.
Really, there weren't as many people in general, but South Beach certainly wasn't as overrun with lobster-red Northerners and Speedo'd Europeans as it is these days. Granted, they're pumping funds into our local economy (at least, when it's not funneled into the pockets of corrupt politicians). But still, spending a Sunday on the beach without hoardes of loud touristas would be a welcome change every once in awhile.

9. Dudes wore Hammer pants and fanny packs.
Seriously. Did you see Pain and Gain? Priceless.

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Umm...hello? How could you not mention Madonna essentially being the personification of Miami for the 90s!! She left in 2000, along with Versace and everyone else. 

The end of an Era. 

Nancy Reid
Nancy Reid

A long time ago when Huezinga bought a winning team!

Andrew Creech
Andrew Creech

You forgot one important reason, I lived there. Now I'm in Bro County, bro. (no hubris issues here, no no)

Adam Matza
Adam Matza

11) No such thing as 9/11. 12) George W. Bush had not been President.

Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez
Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez

althought this may be true.. id also add the 2000s were great for miami also...plenty of award shows were shot here hiphop artist were coming out alot and we had the 03 marlins and 06 heat cparades not to mention a cpl of all star weekends and superbowls


@Carlos Cnotez Rodriguez actualy hip hop is what destroyed Miami

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