76hundred Vintage Custom Motorcycles: Wynwood Bike Masters Creating Classics for the Common Man

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And according to del Castillo, he and the whole team put a lot of themselves into the genesis of this venture, and not without a good deal of sacrifice.

"I'm from Mar de Plata, [Argentina]" del Castillo explained, "and 7600 is the only zip code in the whole city, and that's how we named the company. When it started growing and we started talking about making this a business, we'd all been friends for a long time. A couple of us quit jobs with good money to do this -- it was a leap of faith. Go big or go home. And we just dove into it and since then it's tripled -- the business, the clientele, the space. Everybody's happy."

One of the most remarkable things about this company, and probably the most satisfying aspect of their success, is the perspective that they have on the cost of their bikes. Walking into their space and seeing motorcycles that are lean, mean, and pristine, gleaming after 30, 40, 50 years rambling between the road and the scrap heap, you'd think that the prices of these vintage wünderbikes would be beyond the reach of the average rider. But you'd be wrong.

"The reason this all started was so that we could build motorcycles for people that want to ride on a daily basis," Chirino said, "and your average young guy who just wants to ride can't afford to drop 25 grand on a motorcycle. So our bikes range between $6 to $12,000, for the most part, and we have a two-month turn around.

"Plus," he continues, "our labor is cheaper. The average labor cost is $95 an hour; we charge $75. The reason we build bikes is for people who want to ride and who can afford them. We could build bikes for $20,000, but the average person can't afford that."

In discussing the appeal of their vintage bikes, del Castillo managed to distill the matter into a clear and succinct point.

"It's cool," he said. "And everybody wants to be cool. Anybody can sell a bike. We sell a lifestyle -- and we live it. We ride what we build and we live the lifestyle everyday."

It's a walk of life that this group is wholeheartedly about - they ride together, they eat dinner together, they drink and bullshit together, and they make motorcycles together. And they won't simply put together anything just because it's got a little bit of wear and tear and a thick yellow layer cake of registration stickers on the tag. These cats don't throw the word "vintage" around lightly.

The 76hundred Crew, from left to right: Guillermo, Danny, Mateo, Rodrigo
"We're really strict with the age of the bikes we build," Chirino stated. "Technically, a 1983 is an antique, but we won't do work on a bike that's newer than 1980 and we do that for a reason. We want to be considered true, true vintage. It's just what we enjoy doing."

And while they've been open for business since they moved to Wynwood three weeks ago, they plan on having a grand opening on Saturday, June 1st, complete with booze, bikes, music, and hopefully even tattoos being done on the cheap right there in the shop. The whole idea is to spread the word about their work and show Miamians the kinds of motorcycles they're giving birth to in the 305.

"We want people to know that we're here," Chirino explained. "There are a lot of people that love the cafe racer style and they feel like they have to get a Harley if they want something that looks like a cafe racer or a tracker cause what else are they going to get? So they spend 11 grand on a new Harley -- it's fuel injected, it's going to cost them triple the money when they need to get it fixed cause they can't fix it themselves, it's never going to be a 1974 bike, and it's going to be the same bike Billy has, Joe has, and 10 million other people have in Miami. So we want people to know that you don't have to spend 11 grand to get a cool motorcycle. We want people to come here and put a little bit of themselves into the motorcycles we have. We want people to know that there's another viable alternative, another option for something that is yours, that is unique, that represents you and represents us and is something that you can love."

76hundred Vintage Custom Motorcycles (2121 NW Second Ave, Miami) is open Monday through Friday, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturdays by appointment only.
Visit 76hundred.com or call (786) 271-6976

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Really cool place, beautiful bikes and great guys! CONGRATS!


I'd love to own a bike here, but all the shitty drivers here make me think twice.

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