ATOMIK's Debut Solo Show in Wynwood: "There Are Oranges Everywhere"

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Travis Cohen
Scrawled across train cars passing through the bowels of the city and massive signs punctuating the skyline along the highway, ATOMIK is a name that's as notable to the eyes as to the ears -- one of Miami's native graffiti artists and a man whose living lore is as big and bold as his brilliant letters. At 32 years old, he's not only gotten up in Dade, but all across the United States, in Central and South America, around several countries of Europe, and on the great floating continent of Australia.

In nearly two decades of writing, ATOMIK has not only grown into an integral facet of Miami graffiti culture, but has become an artist who exemplifies the evolution of a Magic City style of painting. And now, his style of spraying is getting its own show in the artist's debut solo exhibition at the Terminal Gallery in Wynwood, simply titled, "ATOMIK."

His lines are hard, yet the curves and bends to his letters are fluid and flowing. His colors are explosive, with fades and textures that are all at once surreally sublime and utterly familiar in their tropical tastes. For nigh on 18 years, ATOMIK has been one of the most prolific and prodigious members of the Miami graffiti fraternity. His name is well-respected from the local to the global stage, with writers of nearly every ilk who know his work appreciating the talent his pieces showcase.

For the last couple of months, though, ATOMIK's tag has been on something of a hiatus, with one of his primary characters, the smirking orange, taking the spotlight. The graf head's upcoming show will feature 24 different versions of the citrus visage, a content decision that came directly from the reactions of previous viewers of ATOMIK's studio work.

"It's pretty dope to make the transition from the streets into the gallery," he said. "I see a good response...Once I started throwing the oranges on canvases, people just started to connect with it. I don't know if it's the eyes or the smile, but it connects with people and the response is incredible."

And there are oranges aplenty. The walls of ATOMIK's newly rented studio in Wynwood is bedecked in vibrant tangerine hues, with stack upon stack of smiling canvases lining the intimate space. But the show won't be limited to the world of Vitamin C personified.

"I've got some other pieces to work on after the canvases, some pieces that are more installations," ATOMIK began before describing some of what he intends to do with the plethora of spent spray cans he's accrued over the course of this project.

He also said, "I'm actually going to have a part of the show where I have collaborations with other artists, I'm stoked about that."

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Terminal Building

120 NW 25 St., Miami, FL

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Frank Castle
Frank Castle

this guy is good, seen his work at the wynwood walls


this is going to be a great show . . . this guy has skills!

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