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"We're really trying to focus on the best of the best of the best of Miami," says John Shubin, a lawyer and one of over 20 HistoryMiami board members. As a University of Miami student he had an early rap radio show. But even he was unaware that some of the earliest hip hop records, like The Sugar Hill Gang's "Rappers Delight," and pre "The Message" cuts by Grandmaster Flash, were actually physically pressed to vinyl by Stone at his manufacturing plant in Hialeah. Furthermore, Stone actually provided the seed money for the creation of Joe & Sylvia Robinson's Sugar Hill Records label.

James Echols of Soul Of Miami hard at work for Henry Stone Music
Hugh is 30 years into her career as a professional archivist, but as a youth in Jamaica she used to love TK Disco records. That serves as testament to Stone's distribution prowess, the means by which he was able to get his product into the hands of people in all corners of the globe. "We are here to preserve history," she says.

Disco is only one of the many highlights in Stone's career. He is also responsible for the dance crazes called "The Twist," "The Cabbage Patch," and "Freestyle." He has worked closely with record execs like Leonard Chess, Ahmet Ertegun, Jerry Wexler, and Syd Nathan. He got James Brown his first jet. He broke Sam Cooke's gospel and R&B output. He recorded BB King for Modern Records. He was on Mel Torme's first recording session. He and TK Records VP Steve Alaimo discovered Sam&Dave. He was the second person to record Ray Charles. He made the first million-selling R&B pop crossover record, and it was before the civil rights movement. He broke techno music in America. He helped invent Miami Bass. The list goes on and on.

On June 3, he will be 92 years old, and he is still recording and releasing new music ("Latimore Remembers Ray Charles"). He's currently working on a movie about his life. He recently released an eBook. He is the last of the original independent record men still breathing. He is the greatest of all time. And he represents Miami to the fullest.

Look out for the Henry Stone Collection at HistoryMiami. Like most things associated with Stone, it's going to be a hit.

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Get your history straight Swampdog - KC co-penned 'Rock Your Baby' with Rick Finch.  Anyone who knows music knows this.  A due diligence check of the Copyright office and BMI records confirms this. KC never came up with a hit song on his own, never had a hit before Finch and never had another success after the partnership ended.  Every KCSB hit record for KC and the Sunshine Band was co-penned by these two, so at least give the respect by mentioning BOTH songwriters.  Stone had the good sense, at the suggestion of Clarence Reid and Willie Clark, to put stock-boy Casey and studio engineer Finch together.  That decision made him a very rich man - and the rest his history.


Good job Mr. Stone! The big 92! Wow.. from, Lynn Williams


Love you Henry   Happy 92    From Jeff  S. & Charlene

Mike Worley
Mike Worley

I'm pretty excited for their upcoming Bob Marley exhibit as well; very cool.

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