Five Great Things About Dating in Miami

Each week, Miami dating expert Nikki Novo gives us advice on finding love in this hopeless place. Today: Five reasons to stay optimistic about Miami's dating scene.

I admit it: Like many other Miamians, for a long time I was under the impression that in order to find a suitable mate, I'd have to get out of town. Anyone who has been single in the Magic City long enough can sympathize with our pond's slim pickings.

I was tired of meeting the same immature, shady (and badly dressed) guy over and over again. Why hadn't it happened for me? I knew there were other people out there who would find each other, get married, buy a house in Coral Gables or Belle Meade, and create 2.5 children. I knew this because I would see them on Facebook. When would it be my turn?

And then I thought: Could I be the problem?

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After some soul-searching, I decided to try a new approach to dating. This time, I would check my baggage at the door and look at the bright side of Miami. Eventually, I began to realize how much my assumptions, judgments, and insecurities were holding me down. I came to understand, "It's not you, Miami. It's me."

Sure, Miami might have a bad rep. For starters, the lifestyle in this city doesn't exactly breed or attract "datable" material. Between our nightlife scene and warm weather, the city can be a magnet for barely dressed lost souls in search of a good time rather than a committed relationship.

But with all that transient activity, the Latin culture, and sunshine come some really great opportunities for dating. You just have to believe it to see it. Not convinced? Read on, and I'll show you that love is closer than you think -- even somewhere within the 305 (and 786) area code.

Lex Hernandez
This cultured Basel partier looks single, right?
1. People Come From All Over
All right, so maybe it's not the best idea to fall in love with the 28-year-old guy from Brussels traveling here during Ultra for a balls-against-the-wall weekend. But that's just one scenario. With its burgeoning arts scene and a hand in the ever-growing tech startup culture, Miami attracts more than just those looking for a good time.

Imagine if you lived in some sad small town where couponing was the thing to do. You'd have no shot at newcomers. What you see is what you get in those towns. But, hello, you live in Miami! People love to come here and stay. There's no need to go out looking for newbies -- they flock to us all the time. So it's untrue that there are no datable men in this city. We get imports all the time. How can we make that assumption when the pool of pickings is constantly reinventing itself? Drop that loser train of thought and open your eyes to the abundance. And maybe learn a new language while you're at it.

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Great article, thanks for the input, it's great to hear that I'm not the only one who sees the positivity that Miami can bring with its abundance of culture!

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