The Best Costumes at Spazio's Star Wars Cantina Cosplay Night

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Photos by Claire Nelson
Last night, Brickell got a head start on International Star Wars Day (which is actually on Saturday, May the Fourth) by turning Spazio nightclub into a cantina worthy of Han Solo.

For Star Wars Cantina Cosplay night, the venue provided branded lightsaber surrogates, an LED screen featuring the iconic logo, and cosplayers galore.

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The best part was seeing the amount of female cosplayers -- not just women in costume, mind you (which there were plenty of), but women showing off handcrafted and homespun outfits. Allison, one of the Sith ladies, excitedly showed off pictures of other costumes she's made, mostly inspired by her favorite video games or anime. Blaze, the leader of the cosplay troupe, had a unique interpretation of Darth Vader: Instead of all black with a cape, she donned a pink and red bedazzled helmet, pink catsuit, waist cincher, and pink lightsaber, which she used to spank willing victims. That's one way to use The Force.

The patrons also got in the spirit of the holiday. Folks were encouraged to come in costume -- although we're not entirely sure whether some of these dudes were Han Solo homages or just dudes in black vests. Even the stuffy Brickell suits saw a change in mood from "What the heck is that?" to "Yo, lemme get a picture!" as more cosplayers (and booze) showed up. Between Chewy grabbing a drink at the bar to ladies trading Leia bun secrets, Spazio ended up being the swingingest cantina this side of Tatooine.

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Spazio Nightclub

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