The Undercover Unit: Live-Action Zombie Hunting Game Has Potential

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"Move, move, move, move!"

Those were our instructions last weekend. We were ushered into an elevator, trying to get our scientist colleague to a safe place where he could upload a special code to the Internet and circumvent the impending zombie invasion.


The Undercover Unit, headed by mastermind Tony Slade, presents an experience akin to a live action video game. We got a sneak peek at the action Saturday night at The Undercover Unit's temporary digs downtown. So, did we save the world? Hey, we told you we've got your back.

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After putting on protective gear -- camouflage vest, goggles, face shield, and helmet -- we got into an elevator with our guide, who explained that we were getting into a dangerous situation and our goal was to help any survivors.

The elevator doors opened into a dark hallway, lit by only a small, blinding blue light. We followed our guide and came upon a survivor who was crying on the floor. A random zombie was walking around clanging some sort of metal weapon, making a lot of noise. The survivor explained that the creature cannot see us if we remain still. As we all press flat against the wall, the zombie gets up close and personal with each of us, but since we don't move, he leaves us alone.

We get the survivor out and into a safe zone, and then there's the first live action "cut scene." The kid explains that some Internet video has been wiping people's minds and turning them into zombies. (Our guess? It's this one.) But that there is one scientist who thinks he can reverse the damage by uploading a code. He tells us where we can find some guns and begs that we bring one back for him. At this point, our guide asks us, the players, if we want to bring the survivor a gun or just keep moving. We decide to help him out, which leads us to our next cut scene.

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