Miami Singles Rank Eighth Most Superficial in America

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Who, us? Shallow?
Internet dating site What's Your Price is at it again.

The service, which connects rich men to women who could be bribed into spending time with them, released yet another study of the country's singles scene.

And you're going to be shocked to hear this, Miami, but: You're kinda shallow.

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You remember What's Your Price, right? It's one of Brandon Wade's many websites (others include Miss Travel) in which men with money pay for dates with women. All the excitement of prostitution, without any of the pesky legal troubles!

(For the record, when we tested it out, we didn't get laid.)

Anyway, using Google Analytics, What's Your Price tallied up the average amount of time its users spent on individual member profiles. A shorter time -- like, say, Salt Lake City, UT's 7.2 seconds -- implies users are making snap judgments based on the members' appearances. Spending longer amounts of time implies the opposite -- that users are taking the time to read about the person they might soon bribe into pretending to like them.

Miami ranked #8 on What's Your Price's list, with an average browsing time of 12.1 seconds. Who, us, shallow? That's not exactly shocking.

The cities that out-shallowed us, on the other hand, are certainly surprising. Salt Lake City's number one on the list; what gives, Christians? Portland, Oregon is number two (damn, hipsters).

Louisville, Kentucky, even beat us. We can only assume suitors there are searching for the most flamboyant Kentucky Derby hat.

Or maybe, just maybe, What's Your Price's method of determining superficiality is flawed. Here's a better idea: Just figure out the cities with the most registered What's Your Price users. Those are bound to be the most superficial for sure.

The 10 Most Superficial Cities in America (According to Avg. Browsing Time)
1. Salt Lake City, UT - 7.2 Seconds
2. Portland, OR - 7.7 Seconds
3. Houston, TX - 8.3 Seconds
4. Chicago, IL - 8.6 Seconds
5. Washington, D.C. - 9.8 Seconds
6. Los Angeles, CA - 10.4 Seconds
7. Louisville, KY - 11.5 Seconds
8. Miami, FL - 12.1 Seconds
9. New York, NY - 13.2 Seconds
10. Dallas, TX - 13.7 Seconds

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David Sarnoff
David Sarnoff

Bogus study. In Salt Lake, Portland, etc THEY have to go online to find soft- core? hookers. In Miami no need to go online. In Miami, no 7one wastes time doing that. Instead, superficial Miamians simply go to most any bar or club.

Carl Snyder
Carl Snyder

Miami has to be a lot higher than that. In listening to my stepdaughter and her peer group; they are some of the most narcissistic, egocentric, and superficial people i have ever seen.....they make "Shallow Hal" look like the worlds most caring philanthropist. they don't have a clue as to what is really going on in the world. this is the generation we have created.

Teajay Smith
Teajay Smith

how embarrassing it would be to be THE duckfaced chick who was chosen for the header on that piece - r it might be some kind of compliment?

Alex Muriel
Alex Muriel

Web surfing is one thing, but we're easily #1.

Elsa Jimenez
Elsa Jimenez

only 8th? i could have sworn we would be at least 3rd

Gabe Yunes
Gabe Yunes

look at the duck face on that dumbass...

Ketty Mora
Ketty Mora

Why am i not surprised? Oh, actually I am surprised that we didn't rank #1

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