Miami Summer Arts Preview: Eight Reasons to Stay Excited About Miami Culture This Season

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What, you're not excited for Reggie Effing Watts?
Summer is in the air. You've already noticed the signs: heightened humidity in the air, regularly scheduled afternoon downpours, an influx of roaches and other creepy crawlies trying to move into your apartment.

But don't add "nothing to do in Miami" to that list, because it's just not true. Yes, the summertime is South Florida's slow season, which means that there are fewer events to look forward to in the months ahead. But the ones that are, in fact, on the horizon? They're pretty awesome.

Read on for eight events making summer in Miami a little less unbearable.

Gutter Films Series
Summer movies don't suck -- not if you're at a screening organized by Gutter Films, which highlights cult and b-movies with enough gore and schlock to last you all summer long.
Screenings are scheduled for June 5, June 7, and June 12, with additional screenings TBA. Visit

Reggie Watts
The comedian, musician, improviser, and all-around weirdo is a favorite of Conan O'Brien. He's coming to the Light Box in June for what'll surely be some of the best and most bizarre performances on a Miami stage this year.
June 6-8. Visit

Rodrigo Gaya / World Red Eye
Katherine Wright (left), Elizabeth Dimon, and Stephen Trovillion in 2012's The Man From Mars.
Summer Shorts

The Arsht gets a lot less busy during the summer, it's true. But the annual Summer Shorts make up for all that, bringing quick scenes penned by award-winning playwrights to the Carnival Studio Theater for an intimate series of performances.
June 7 - June 30. Visit

Quvenzhané Wallis as Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild, last year's ABFF opening film.
American Black Film Festival
In 2012, the American Black Film Festival celebrated the massive hit film Think Like A Man, born from the minds of writers and actors who got their start at ABFF in years past. Who knows what future stars you'll discover when the festival returns this summer.
June 19-23. Visit

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