Mother's Day 2013: The Ten Best Pop Culture Moms of the Year

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Mother's Day is a holiday to reflect on the true meaning of motherhood, to be thankful for the courage and sacrifice it takes to bring a child into the world, and to celebrate the special bond found only between a mom and her kids.

Also, it's a pretty great day for judging celebrities.

So as you and your mother struggle awkwardly though yet another Mother's Day brunch -- you do have reservations, don't you? -- try this topic on for size: the best mothers in pop culture this year. Here are our picks to get you started.

10. Shakira
Shakira -- or, as Blake Shelton insists on calling her, "SHAK-ur-a" -- gave birth to son Milan Piqué Mebarak in January. But her most prominent parental role in pop culture is on The Voice, mothering music star hopefuls on the path to their dreams of getting through an entire season of the show before falling into obscurity.

This week, Shakira told one singer that her performance was the best she'd ever heard. Not the best in The Voice history. Not the best in all the karaoke bars in the world. No, just the best singing voice ever, period. That's the kind of bald-faced lie that only a loving mother can tell.

9. Les Miserables' Fantine
Maybe you hate musicals. Maybe you fell asleep when your parents dragged you to see Les Mis on the stage as a kid. Maybe you think Anne Hathaway looks like the love child of an alien and a Bratz doll.

Doesn't matter. When Fantine sings "I Dreamed a Dream" in the 2012 movie, you are going to cry. You are going to cry a TON. And then you are going to call your mother and thank her for all the sacrifices she made so that you could afford to be snarky enough to hate on Anne Hathaway in the first place.

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