Coral Morphologic and MIA Skate Shop Launch "Coral City" Skateboards at Gramps

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Courtesy of Coral Morphologic
The Magic City. Vice City. Paradise Lost. The 305. Miami has a lot of nicknames and most locals love them. There is nothing short of cool in the four nicknames listed above -- vices, magic, numerology. These are all things that we enjoy.

But now there is a new name that's being pinned on the city in the sun, and it's one with a bit more of a natural vibe to it: The Coral City.

According to the aquaculturalists at Coral Morphologic, because Miami is built on dead coral, with buildings composed of fossilized coral facias and colonies of coral living around our shoreline, it only makes sense to rebrand the town as the Coral City. And how are they spreading the word about this initiative? By joining up with MIA Skate Shop, making coral printed decks, and throwing a top-shelf soiree at the every oceanographic Gramps in Wynwood.

According to Melody Santiago Cummings, operations manager for Coral Morphologic, the partnership with MIA, who approached the Wynwood-based aquaculturalists through mutual relations with the Borsht Film Festival folk, came together for a couple reasons.

"One of the things we really liked," began Cummings, "was the connection of skating on this structure which is essentially composed of fossilized remains of ancient coral, which makes up the city of Miami. Miami is basically built on a foundation of coral skeletons. Also, we like to support and maintain relationships with local South Florida brands, and MIA Skate is one of the only skate shops that's really producing independently and promoting other creatives in the community."

Cummings is well aware of the oddness -- nature and skateboarding? -- that surrounds this partnership, but she embraces it. The weird unexpectedness of the collaboration makes it unique and refreshing, and according to Cummings, this particular venture stands out amongst their other ongoing developments.

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