Sarah Palin Porn Doppelganger Lisa Ann Stars in Adult Film Documentary

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When we last heard from porn star (or, as she put it, "mattress actress") Lisa Ann, it was the summer of 2012. Ann was headed to Tampa, Florida, to reprise the role that made her famous: a Sarah Palin look-alike in the modern cinema classic Who's Nailin' Paylin?.

But now, Lisa Ann has moved on to classier projects. Don't worry, she's still a porn star -- but she's also the subject of a documentary about women in the adult film industry called Aroused.

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In the documentary, filmmaker Deborah Anderson interviews 16 of porn's biggest names -- Tanya Tate, Alexis Texas, and April O'Neil, for example -- about why and how they got into the business. Anderson tells the AP that the aim of her book is to explore the treatment of women in porn, and put a human face on the profession.

But in its trailer, the women are just riding around the backseat of a luxury car, hiding behind sunglasses and describing their childhoods:

One gets the sense, from these interviews, that the women are still in character. Each of their stories about their previous lives fits snugly into a stereotypical male fantasy.

"I was such a good girl. I did not want to give him the nookie," one woman explains in voice-over. (Hey guys -- virgin fetish!)

"I remember kissing my best friend, who was a girl," another reminisces. (Hey guys --threesomes!)

A title card during the trailer describes Aroused as "an exploration of the lost sensuality of women." But this film, which seems to position the women as the Real Housewives of Porn, also comes paired with a book of photos of the women "wearing nothing but a pair of neon Jimmy Choo shoes." Overall, this looks more like exploitation than exploration.

Aroused is available for download on iTunes.

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