Second Saturday Art Walk Guide: May's Five Unmissable Gallery Shows

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Works by Anthony Lister at Robert Fontaine Gallery.
Anthony Lister first earned notoriety with his gritty canvases depicting decrepit comic book characters. Considered one of Australia's top contemporary artists, Lister has had solo shows in London, Milan and Los Angeles. In 2010, Lister was included in Beyond The Street: The 100 Leading Figures in Urban Art, an encyclopedic tome featuring profiles on key players in the genre.

And not unlike many of his contemporaries these days hankering to visit the Magic City, Lister is in town to paint some street murals and rock a solo show in Wynwood. Lister's latest suite of ballerina paintings will be on view during this weekend's Second Saturday kicking-off at 6 p.m. at the Robert Fontaine Gallery.

Our other top draws for this edition of Art Walk features a rising Spanish talent's experiments with painting and sculpture, a Miami video virtuoso's largest showcase, a master Cuban painter's take on war and school violence, and an art instructor's student portraits. Here are five exhibits making noise this weekend.

Never Odd Or Even
Anthony Lister's dizzying canvases, depicting edgy ballerinas rendered with aggressive, muscular brush strokes, take center stage at the Robert Fontaine Gallery where the painter also marks his Wynwood solo debut. Lister, who claims to suffer from "multiple creative personality disorder," mentions that his primary interest is in breaking down the ideals of highbrow and lowbrow. The Aussie calls graffiti art "the final frontier in true artistic integrity," before adding "I'm disguising myself as a fine artist until the revolution is fully here".

Robert Fontaine Gallery, 2349 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-397-8530 or visit

David Rodriguez Caballero's aluminum wall sculptures bring to mind large pieces of metal origami. Their surfaces appear to have been raked with razor-sharp talons. One of his works glows with a crimson hue and refracts the overhead lights.

"I'm interested in painting without painting," he says.

The cherry piece, simply titled 13.January.2013, is on display as part of the Spaniard's solo debut in Miami. It is part of a pop-up exhibit staged at O. Ascanio Gallery that features more than 30 aluminum, brass, and vinyl abstractions, wall installations, and free-standing sculptures.

Rodriguez Caballero, who exhibits internationally, is represented by Marlborough Gallery, one of the world's leading art dealers, which has outposts in London, New York, Madrid, and Monaco. During the exhibit's launch last week, eight of his works sold for a whopping $175,000, opening Marlborough honchos' eyes to Wynwood's growing commercial potential. The show is being staged by C-Art Gallery and was curated by author and art historian Kosme de Barañano. C-Art director Cesar Rodriguez is in the process of opening a permanent space in the area.

O. Ascanio Gallery, 2600 NW Second Ave., Miami. Call 305-571-9036 or visit

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