Tapebombing in Wynwood: Miami Artist Johanna Boccardo Sticks It Wherever She Wants

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Photo by Deirdra Funcheon
Remember the 2000s, when crafty hipsters expressed themselves by "yarnbombing" trees, signposts, and other public objects? Artists like Olek have elevated the practice of covering strange things in knitted or crocheted yarn to gallery-acceptable heights, sure. But in general? Yarnbombing is, like, sooo ten years ago.

Tapebombing, on the other hand? That's just getting started.

We noticed the "tapebombed" building in the photo above last week in Wynwood. At first, we just thought it was funny, especially with the "bomber's" response to a notice warning that the property is in violation of city code: "AND NOW THAT IT HAS BEEN TAPEBOMBED, EVEN MORE SO!" But an online search for "tapebombing" revealed that this wasn't just a random attack. It's the art of Miami artist Johanna Boccardo.

Since Art Basel 2012, Boccardo estimates, she has tapebombed over 50 objects and spaces, covering them in bright strips of all colors. But it's not really what the tape's sticking to that matters. "To me, tapebombing is all about the absence," she explains. "Since it has a temporary lifespan, I enjoy transforming subjects, but feel really satisfied with the void it leaves once it's gone."

Boccardo, who painted in watercolors before switching to her latest medium, says she became enamored with tape while creating video pieces with a friend. "The end of the year is a time when I usually get restless inside walls and rather spend time outside, so I wore my tapes as big bracelets and went around town to find bigger toys to play with," she said.

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I think it's beautiful work and highly creative. If she can do that to a simple rug, imagine what she could do to a building or a bridge. I say Keep it Up. Yarnbombing is not the same and cannot be applied to same types of projects.


I've seen her work in many places and think that the Wynwood is lucky to have her. She is very creative and versatile and has made a name for herself in Miami and elsewhere. I know HOTTEA as well, but his work is different and he uses yarn, not tape. Yarnbombing or knittbombing has been around for a decade, but tapebombing is a new form so JohannaB deserves credit for it. Keep it going!


she is amazing. 


I'll admit that the rug looks great, but covering yourself in tape before jumping out of a plane isn't art, it's stupid.

TitoCaneca like.author.displayName 1 Like

Hardly an original idea. Hot Tea has been doing it for quite some time and in a much more interesting way.

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