The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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How you doin, Miami?
Have you ever seen the Wendy Williams Show? If you answered, no, it's fine. It's our guilty pleasure too, and we don't blame you for denying it.

The daytime syndicated talkshow isn't really original relative to every other syndicated talk show in America, however, it does have a gem that makes the entire thing worth it.

When you meet someone for the first time, the introduction usually goes something like, "Hi, I'm Alex, how're you?" But on the Wendy Williams Show, Williams asks her talkshow guests, "how you doinnnnnnnnnnn?" With that same long emphasis on the nnnnn.

Bottom line, it's hysterical, and we've included a tutorial here so you can jazz up your next introduction.

Also, happy weekend, ya'll.

Steve Aoki: Have his cake and eat it too.
Aqua Girl 2013: Lots of hot chicks. That is all.

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Marie Evans
Marie Evans

I watch it most days. Wendy definitely has an opinion

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