The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami This Weekend

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Patriotism counts when you wear it on your boobs, right?
Well, kids, this is one of the few weekends a year that pretty much everyone in Miami ducks and covers for in South Beach.

While the rest of America recognizes Memorial Day weekend with patriotic parades, and ceremonies honoring fallen soldiers that have fought for our country, South Beach commemorates the fallen with a few beers and a trip to the beach (and a face-eating zombie or two).

To each their own, but we could learn to be a little classier. For those who aren't skipping town to avoid the masses of tourists in the 305, here are the ten best things to do this weekend.

Benoit & Sergio: Experience EDM masterpieces in the flesh.
Eve Sussman | Rufus Corporation: A five-part installation film that runs simultaneously!
Free Art Fridays: Seriously, who turns down free?

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Charlie West
Charlie West

Best thing to do is NOT be anywhere near Miami!

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