The Ten Best Things to Do in Miami this Weekend

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So it was a short week, with the long holiday and all; still we feel like we've been dragged through sand to get to the weekend. And we're not even there yet.

Close, but not quite.

We'll inch closer to the big hand on the 12 and the little hand on the five, and soon be able to kick back our heels -- Or throw them on, since it'll be Friday night and all.

This weekend is packed with shows, exhibits, and performances. Here are the best things to do in Miami, y'all.

P.S.: Hurricane seasons starts this weekend, so get your shit together, Carol.

Angelique Kidjo: The Benin beauty is SO much more than just a spectacular voice.
Buckshot: Ignore the catchy dance tracks of "rap." This is the real deal.
Ketchy Shuby: A voluminous and dynamic bunch of music men with "downtown soul."
South Florida Boat Show: We can't afford such luxuries. Le sigh.

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